24th Street Design

A Day on Muni

We onnabus.

A day on the muni is not just a great way to see the city, but a fun way to find young love, eat good food, and make a few friends just a little bit closer. Our day started off with breakfast, our Clipper cards, and our curiosity. 12 muni lines later ended up with a new sense of our city and a few good stories. 

We took the 9 to the T to the California Cable Car to a Taxi to the 28 to the 38 to the 49 to the K to the 18 to the 29 to the N to the 37 to the 22 to home. It was a 14 hour day and by the end of it, I not only felt like I deserved some obscure SF merit badge, I wanted to do it again.

Check out our design for the SF MTA and vote for us!

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